Hamilton Beach's partnership with Radhika Howarth

Hamilton Beach's partnership with Radhika Howarth

Hamilton Beach are excited to announce we will be partnering with Chef and Digital Content Creator extraordinaire, Radhika Howarth, to bring our customers inspired, healthy, easy to make recipes in order to improve their cooking experience.

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About Radhika

Radhika is a Chef, Digital Content Creator and Food Consultant. She has a background in nutrition, completing her master’s degree in food and nutrition at Delhi University, India.

Radhika was born in Kolkata, India into a family with roots all over the subcontinent, being part Punjabi (from the north-west), part Bengali (from the East), and partly from South India too!  Her extended family is even more diverse, encompassing different cultural backgrounds, from Kashmir to Hyderabad and Armenia to Italy leading to vibrant and diverse dishes.

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Radikal Kitchen

Radhika founded Radikal Kitchen to share her exceptional recipes and inspire others to embark on a flavourful journey in the kitchen as a result of her diverse cultural heritage and experiences.

Radikal Kitchen offers services such as content creation, collaborations, and brand promotion, recipe development and testing, cooking demos (festivals and events), cooking classes for groups and cooking based team building, curate bespoke culinary events (product launches or promotions) which include menu planning, cooking, styling, and presentation.


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Our Partnership

Radhika will be creating vibrant recipes with Hamilton Beach products in order to help our customers cook with confidence. Radhika has used our Juicer, Mixer, Grinder - A standout product, developed with Indian culinary experts that has sold over one million units worldwide. Radhika will be showing you how to use the Juicer Mixer Grinder and many more products to improve the quality of your food and cooking experience.


Follow Radhika

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/radikalkitchen/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RadikalKitchen

TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@radikalkitchen?lang=en

Website - https://radikalkitchen.com/

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